The Wildwoods

Two friends get caught up with the wrong people while trying to get ahead in their seasonal shore town.

The Battle At Home

After returning home from the Armed Forces, a young Veteran attempts to revive his pursuit of a professional baseball career.

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When attempting to take down an unpopular municipal agency, chaos ensues for a group of activists who discover a large scale political conspiracy. Based on the true events surrounding the Philadelphia Parking Authority revenue scandal and the 33 million dollars that went missing from the City of Philadelphia’s general fund.


A suave yet goofy bachelor professionally ends relationships for people who don't want to do it themselves.

I AM: The Divinity Theroem

When given classified scientific information, a young man has the power to change humanity by revealing the truth about our existence.

Epiphany: The Journey Begins

A loner in his mid-twenties struggles to find true purpose in life after being beat by the system. When seeking guidance through religion, an unlikely source provides him with a job opportunity, with a secret organization, to remove the people who are cancerous to society.